25 Aug 2023

Spanish football chief’s refusal to resign after kissing player ‘disgusting’, says CEO of Women in Football

Data Correspondent and Presenter

They’ve just won the World Cup, but Spain’s women’s football squad say they won’t play any more matches until their Football Federation president is removed.

Luis Rubiales was expected to resign earlier for grabbing and kissing midfielder Jenni Hermoso on the lips while celebrating Spain’s victory in the World Cup final. Instead, he lashed out at those demanding he go, saying the kiss was consensual. He told an emergency meeting of the federation, not once but five times, that he would not resign.

Many, but not all, gathered at the emergency meeting, applauded his comments and even gave him a standing ovation, including Spain’s women’s football coach, Jorge Vilda.

But the Spanish government says it’s started legal proceedings to try and suspend Rubiales. And Jenni Hermoso has stated that at no time did she consent to the kiss.

Ciaran spoke to Yvonne Harrison, who is CEO of Women in Football, and began by asking what she made of Luis Rubiales’ repeated refusal to resign over his actions.