24 Dec 2013

So what’s Christmas all about? (how we did it back then)

The primary class of 1972 explain to ITN’s reporter Victoria Brittain what the spirit of Xmas is all about. Have things really changed that much?

To get viewers in the festive spirit in December 1972, ITN sent Victoria Brittain to a primary school in Clapham to canvas the views of some of the most important opinion formers on the meaning of Christmas.

What is it all about? What do you think about Father Christmas? What is your favourite part of the holiday?

Vital questions that required answers and the assembled pupils are certainly not short of them…and very keen to share.

“It’s to celebrate Jesus’s birthday,” says one, because he is “Christian and Holy” adds his mate, while a young girl believes Jesus is “very nice” and she suspects he might also actually be Father Christmas.

“People can disguise themselves as Father Christmas,” explains another. He knows because once “his dad done it.”

Unsurprisingly, getting to sleep on Christmas Eve and waking up to presents is quite a popular part of the holidays for most of the interviewees, as well as leaving wine(?) and cake for Santa – not forgetting milk for the reindeer. Apparently, the cake and wine has always gone by the time morning comes, which must surely constitute certain proof that Father Christmas exists.

By Ian Searcey