13 Feb 2011

So what does the Big Society mean to you?

Critics have said the Big Society is a vague term voters won’t understand. So Krishnan Guru-Murthy asked people to tweet in what the Big Society meant to them. We list just some of the tweets here.

Man using phone (Reuters)

David Cameron says the big society is about three things : giving power to people, opening up who runs public services and encouraging volunteering.

But as it gets re-launched again, it’s clearly an idea with problems. It is widely attacked as vague, meaningless and a cover for public spending cuts.

So earlier today Krishnan Guru-Murthy (@krishgm) asked people on twitter to give him their definition of the Big Society.

The response was overwhelming.

Your tweets defining the Big Society:

EwenSpeed Ewen Speed

@krishgm big society equals small state

SteveBrunt Stephen Brunt

@krishgm big society: a bullingdon club we can all join?

vivianbroughton Vivian Broughton

@krishgm definition for a Big Society… What’s going on in Egypt.

lillabrunaelk LBE

@krishgm Big Society seems to forget that someone along the line has to be trained, experienced and paid. Undermines idea of professionalism

TimMontgomerie Tim Montgomerie

@krishgm The #BigSociety is about the things we do together that are not controlled by the state

ChilternsBlue Marcus Wood

@krishgm it’s about empowering society to make decisions for itself rather than relying on an interfering statist bureaucracy

Distinctions1 Distinctions

@krishgm ‘Big Sobriety’ A sobering up to the reality of the demise of the UK at the hands of a clique of Bankers, Ministers & Corporations.

GemskaF Gemma Fox

@krishgm Big Society is simply about helping each other out. Don’t shut the door and block your neighbours out, open it and invite them in.

gnixon88 Gordon Nixon

@krishgm where the public come together to support each other because the government has failed to do so!

JimmyBroujeni James Broujeni

@krishgm Encouraging people to look after each other so distress and loss of human life caused by the cuts can be kept to a minimum. Smart!

joecassels Joe Cassels

@krishgm The Big Society is Newspeak. Superficially it sounds like a marvelous idea, but in reality it’s a big fat lie, depriving us all.

chambersjosh Joshua Chambers

@krishgm The idea that tasks previously performed by state employees will be done by well-meaning volunteers.

LucyCaldicott Lucy Caldicott

@krishgm The big society is all the people responding to tell you what the Big Society is.

cde5527 Charles Ellis

@krishgm a society where people strive to ensure fairness and equality led by gov setting the example esp ministers. Really in it together

arunn19 ARUN N

@krishgm a huge conglomeration of people trying to find their way through the chaos of life!!! Really, no one has a clue about it.

allababa Alla Baba

@krishgm Big Soc. is a happy ONE inspired by LOVE ruled from a gentle heart for mother earth & all living beings never hurting anyone

MichaelSWithers Mike Withers

@krishgm love thy neighbour as thyself.

ozgirlnc Niki Campbell

@krishgm A pipe-dream

JohannaBaxter Johanna Baxter

@krishgm the answer to everything & the solution to nothing

Poddingham_Paul Paul Abbott

@krishgm The “Big Society” is simply a fig leaf for ideologically driven cuts, that, ironically, will lead to gaping holes in the Fig leaf.

__Darling_ Darling

@krishgm Doing something because if it’s innate value and a social responsibility not for an outside reward from an outside governing force

itsmotherswork Itsmotherswork

@krishgm Big Society = successful grassroots activism falsely claimed by an unpopular government as evidence of a successful policy.

serennu Astrology – Tracy

@krishgm I think it’s some kind of bankers’ charity.