Published on 11 Jan 2013 Sections

Passengers film real-life snake on a plane

Passengers on board a plane to Papua New Guinea spot a 10-foot long python clinging to the airplane wing for the two-hour flight.

Warning: viewers might find this video distressing.

Passengers boarding their plane in the Australian city of Cairns were stunned to see a snake emerge from under the wing of the plane.

The python came out from the wing assembly and then appeared to be trapped to the wing for the duration of the flight to Papua New Guinea.

The woman who noticed the snake after about 15 minutes into the flight told the cabin crew, who confirmed that it was, indeed, a snake on a plane.

The video, which was filmed by a passenger and uploaded to the internet, shows the snake attempting to pull itself forward – but the strong winds appear to be too much.

The passenger who uploaded the film to her OldPlantationMotion Youtube account, wrote: “It was very saddening to see the snake get battered around as the plane cut through the air, at the same time trying to hold on at minus 12 Degrees Celsius; when the plane was at its highest cruising altitude.”

The incident was quickly compared to the 2006 blockbuster Snakes on a Plane, and comes three days after the film’s director David R Ellis, passed away at the age of 60.

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