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  • 30 Nov 2018

    May brushes off Brexit Plan B questions as she travels to G20 summit

    Good morning from Buenos Aires where Theresa May has arrived overnight ready for two days of talks at the G20. She wont have had to time to listen to her International Trade Secretary defending her deal on Radio 4 this morning but if she had she might have thought it was someone speaking from a…

  • 7 Dec 2010

    The arrest of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has sparked a media scrum – but the charge against him is not for spying nor stealing documents. He is wanted for questioning in connection with rape, unlawful coercion and sexual molestation, writes Jonathan Rugman.

  • 23 Jan 2011

    As the government prepares to publish its plans to sell off some of England’s forests, it insists ancient woodland will be protected. Channel 4 News’ Julian Rush finds campaigners are not convinced.

  • 31 Dec 2010

    Prime Minister David Cameron uses his New Year’s message to warn next year will be “difficult” – but insists Britain has a “really bright future” ahead. Julian Rush looks at what is to come in 2011.

  • 8 Dec 2010

    As hackers claim to have brought down Mastercard’s website in revenge for the firm suspending services WikiLeaks, Julian Rush explains what “Distributed Denial Of Service” really means.

  • 26 Nov 2010

    Selling meat and milk from cloned animals and their offspring is a step nearer after a team of government advisers said it is safe to consume, writes science Correspondent Julian Rush.

  • 21 Nov 2010

    As rescuers continue to stall a rescue attempt for the 29 trapped miners in New Zealand because of safety fears, one of those who escaped tells his story. Julian Rush listens in.

  • 18 Nov 2010

    Revised plans for Britain’s controversial first “super-dairy” have been re-submitted today, with the farmers cutting in half the number of cows they intend to milk. Julian Rush has seen the new plans.

  • 10 Nov 2010

    After a nine year wait, Network Rail and maintenance company Jarvis Rail are to be prosecuted over the 2002 Potters Bar train crash in which seven people died, writes Julian Rush.

  • 9 Nov 2010

    Scientists tell an inquest it was “highly likely” that aluminium sulphate accidentally-added to the Cornwall water supply 22 years ago contributed to a woman’s early death, writes Julian Rush.

  • 3 Nov 2010

    In a major breakthrough for the blind, scientists have restored a man’s sight with a “bionic eye” for the first time ever, reports Science Correspondent Julian Rush.

  • 23 Sep 2010

    The Thanet wind farm’s 100 turbines are expected to produce enough renewable power for more than 200,000 homes. But science correspondent Julian Rush says the UK still faces big power challenges.

  • 15 Sep 2010

    As MPs warn the strategic defence review may harm Britain’s ability to defend itself, Channel 4 News Science Correspondent Julian Rush writes there is now a genuine debate about its nuclear deterrent.

  • 12 Aug 2010

    This year’s Perseids meteor shower promises to be particularly spectacular. Channel 4 News Science Correspondent Julian Rush has tips on how and where to watch the beautiful display.

  • 14 Dec 2009

    Pakistan’s anti-Taliban offensive in South Waziristan contradicts the widely held view in Islamabad that sooner or later Nato’s coalition in Afghanistan will have to talk to the Taliban, blogs Julian Rush.