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  • 25 Dec 2018

    The death toll from the tsunami that followed the eruption of a volcano in Indonesia has reached 429. The Indonesian government has promised to introduce a new early warning system that will be capable of detecting tsunami waves after underwater earth slides – believed to have caused Saturday’s deadly wave.

  • 24 Dec 2018

    The search for survivors is continuing in Indonesia, two days after the tsunami hit coastal towns. The government is warning that the death toll will rise, with more than a thousand people injured and thousands more displaced from their homes.

  • 23 Dec 2018

    The tsunami hit at 9.30pm local time with no warning as there had been no earthquake. Many of the dead were enjoying a busy holiday weekend when water crashed ashore, sweeping away hotels and houses. Indonesia frequently falls victim to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This tsunami hit coastal areas on the Sunda Strait between Java…

  • 5 Oct 2018

    Rescue teams in Indonesia are still searching for the hundreds of people still missing after last week’s earthquake and tsunami on the island of Sulawesi, with few hopes of finding anyone still alive.

  • 4 Oct 2018

    French rescuers say they’ve detected a person, thought to still be alive, under the rubble of a collapsed hotel in Indonesia – almost a week after a powerful earthquake and tsunami.

  • 3 Oct 2018

    The UN says that 200,000 people are in need of help, as the number of people confirmed dead after Friday’s earthquake and tsunami rises yet again. We travelled to Donggala, the town closest to the epicentre, and Loli Saluran, which was almost completely destroyed. 

  • 2 Oct 2018

    Indonesia has dispatched thousands of soldiers, police and emergency rescue teams to search for any survivors. But the sheer remoteness of the affected areas is making that effort, and sending aid, a huge challenge.

  • 1 Oct 2018

    Volunteers have already buried hundreds of people in a mass grave. Now they’ve been warned to make room for hundreds more. Many victims are feared unlikely to have survived the devastation, caused by collapsed buildings and severe flooding.

  • 30 Sep 2018

    We bring you the latest from Indonesia as more than 150 aftershocks have hit the island of Sulawesi, following the tsunami and earthquake. Damaged roads and a lack of electricity are hindering rescue efforts as officials fear the death toll – now standing at 836 – will continue to rise.

  • 29 Sep 2018

      First the earthquake, hitting 7.5 on the richter scale, and then the tsunami with waves up to 6 metres high struck the Indonesian coast. The city of Palu on the island of Sulawesi was devastated; homes, businesses and hospitals were flattened. Hundreds have been confirmed dead with hundreds more reported missing or injured.

  • 11 Mar 2016

    Japan remembers the thousands who were killed in an earthquake and tsunami five years ago that led to the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

  • 26 Dec 2014

    Remembrance ceremonies have been held to commemorate the Boxing Day tsunami which swept across the Indian Ocean in 2004, killing an estimated 230,000 people.

  • 6 Feb 2013

    Six people are feared dead after a tsunami hit a remote area of the Solomon Islands triggering evacuations across the South Pacific.

  • 7 Dec 2012

    A 7.3 magnitude earthquake off the coast of north-eastern Japan shakes buildings as far away as Tokyo but early fears of a tsunami and devastation on the scale of the March 2011 disaster have receded.

  • 27 Aug 2012

    A strong 7.3 earthquake in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of El Salvador generates a potentially destructive tsunami that is threatening Central America and Mexico, US authorities say.