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  • 9 Dec 2010

    The WikiLeaks supporters behind attacks on various websites – including Mastercard and Visa, have sent footage to Channel 4 News of a cyber strike being carried out.

  • 2 Nov 2011

    With founder Julian Assange facing a rape trial in Sweden, funding crippled by a “financial blockade” and dwindling support from fellow hactivists, can WikiLeaks survive? Channel 4 News investigates.

  • 22 Dec 2010

    Uncovering the true scale of the WikiLeaks-inspired Anonymous cyber attacks, they were not as bad as we were led to believe, writes Technology Correspondent Benjamin Cohen.

  • 8 Dec 2010

    As hackers claim to have brought down Mastercard’s website in revenge for the firm suspending services WikiLeaks, Julian Rush explains what “Distributed Denial Of Service” really means.

  • 26 Aug 2011

    “There’s currently no legal mechanism for forcing offenders to agree to meet their victims. If the rioters don’t feel like a face-to-face showdown then, as things stand, they won’t have to do it.”

  • 6 May 2011

    The Obama administration has presided over a significant increase in unmanned CIA drone attacks on Pakistan. Who is pushing the policy forward – and can it succeed?

  • 2 Sep 2010

    Eleven workers killed, nearly five million barrels of oil in the sea, a 20 billion dollar fund to cover the damage – the cost of the Deepwater Horizon disaster goes beyond pounds or dollars.