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  • 21 Apr 2018

    President Trump has welcomed a decision by the North Korean leader to suspend all missile tests and shut down a nuclear test site. The announcement comes as Kim Jong-Un prepares for historic talks with South Korea and the United States. Both countries have been pushing Pyongyang to denuclearise – but this development doesn’t go far…

  • 5 Feb 2018

    For the first time since 1945, America is considering the use of first-strike nuclear weapons. It’s part of an overhaul of the arsenal needed, says the Pentagon, because Russia is building more, smaller nuclear weapons. Although Barack Obama began the US upgrade, President Trump is vastly expanding it, but within the rules of a new…

  • 6 Jan 2018

    Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg on President Trump, Nixon and nuclear war.

  • 9 Dec 2017

    The writer and film maker Eric Schlosser heads to Oslo tomorrow, where two anti-nuclear campaign groups will be picking up the Nobel Peace Prize. He talks to Jon Snow about his new installation – The Bomb – which explores the culture of nuclear weapons.

  • 21 Nov 2017

    North Korea has obtained the money, knowledge and materials to build nuclear missiles which – it claims – can reach American soil. But it would be in this position without help from the outside world. FactCheck follows North Korea’s nuclear trail, from the Soviet Union to South London.

  • 13 Oct 2017

    President Trump has refused to certify the historic Iran nuclear deal,  while labeling the Iranian leadership as fanatical sponsors of terrorism. His long-awaited pronouncement concluded with the threat that if Congress can’t now improve the deal, it will, in his words, “be terminated”.This is despite International observers concluding Iran has been in full compliance with the 2015 deal,…

  • 20 Sep 2017

    Norman Lamont, who was appointed Theresa May’s trade envoy to Iran just three days after sanctions were lifted, and the Iranian-American journalist Azadeh Moaveni, discuss the Iran nuclear deal.

  • 20 Sep 2017

    Professor Mohammad Marandi, dean of North American studies at the University of Tehran, responds to President Trump’s comments about Iran.

  • 4 Sep 2017

    At the weekend, North Korea sent its most provocative message to date by testing what it claimed was a thermo-nuclear weapon. Today, the UN Security Council responded. US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said that North Korea “has slapped everybody in the face” with its latest nuclear test.

  • 8 Aug 2017

    Tonight’s developing news – reports from the United States suggest that North Korea has managed to construct a nuclear warhead small enough to fit inside its missiles – crossing a key line in becoming a full fledged nuclear power. Shea Cotton from the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies discusses the developments.

  • 8 Aug 2017

    Major developments in the North Korean nuclear standoff. Reports in the US media claim Pyongyang has successfully constructed a miniaturised nuclear warhead which could fit inside the type of missile it’s been testing. And experts fear those missiles are capable of reaching the US mainland.

  • 4 Jul 2017

    With North Korea claiming that it is now a ‘full-fledged nuclear power’, FactCheck assess the possibility of nuclear war. How many warheads exist around the world, and what would be the impact if they were used?

  • 18 Apr 2017

    The election announcement has overshadowed the crisis facing the world over North Korea and its nuclear ambitions. With tensions still rising in the region, the US vice president Mike Pence has repeated his tough message to Pyongyang: America won’t relent, he declared, until the whole Korean peninsula was free of nuclear weapons.

  • 14 Mar 2017

    The electronics firm Toshiba is considering selling its majority stake in US nuclear division Westinghouse, as it tries to find a way out from financial crisis, missing its own reporting deadline for a second time today. But there are wider implications too.

  • 14 Feb 2017

    There are new questions this evening over the future of Britain’s planned nuclear power programme after Toshiba reported multi-million pound losses, triggering the resignation of its chairman.