11 Sep 2014

Better Together back in front in Scottish #indyref poll

The latest YouGov poll on Scotland’s independence referendum puts the ‘Better Together’ campaign back in the lead – the first time the no campaign has gained ground since the start of August.

The poll, compiled from questioning 1,268 people online, reverses the shock YouGov survey on Sunday which put the SNP-backed Yes Scotland campaign ahead of the Westminster-backed Better Together campaign for the first time.

The YouGov results say the Better Together campaign is back in the lead with 52 per cent of the support, compared with 48 per cent for Yes Scotland. Including “don’t knows”, the no campaign is on 45 per cent, yes on 40 per cent and “don’t know” is on six per cent (figures over 100 because of rounding).

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Yes Scotland has been enjoying a surge in support – increasing from 39 per cent a month ago to 51 per cent on the weekend.

Polling took place on Tuesday and Thursday, and voters may have been swayed by announcements from Lloyds and RBS that they could leave Scotland if there is a vote for independence.

Alex Salmond hit back at such contingency plans on Thursday, saying it was “scare-mongering”.