8 May 2020

Saving the VE Day generation from Covid-19

It was supposed to be a memorable street party across the nation to toast the victory that shaped modern Britain in 1945.

But the party has been scaled down by the pandemic – and the heroes of then have had to stay in doors for their own safety as thousands have been felled by the invisible enemy within.

The Prime Minister has asked the nation to summon the same spirit of endeavour against the virus that we once summoned against Nazi Germany and the Queen will salute our lockdown self sacrifice in her address later this evening.

But it is the very generation that laid their lives on the line to preserve ours who have all too often succumbed to the virus in our care homes. In a nation that loves to look back when it suits, we examine the parallels between then and now.

There have been 626 more deaths in the UK since yesterday – according to the Government’s official tally: as the Environment Secretary George Eustice said there would be no dramatic overnight change to the lockdown – stressing it was vital for people to stay at home.