16 Oct 2013

Ex-policeman investigated over Savile

An ex-West Yorkshire police officer is being investigated by the IPCC over allegations he intervened in a 2009 Surrey police probe into alleged sex abuse by Jimmy Savile.

The officer is accused of having “acted on behalf” of Jimmy Savile by inappropriately contacting Surrey police ahead of a police interview in 2009.

The transcript of the police interview was released for the first time on Tuesday, and reveals how Savile dismissed all the allegations against him. The former TV presenter has been accused of hundreds of incidents of abuse against vulnerable young people and children since his death in 2011.

Earlier this year, West Yorkshire police requested that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigate the conduct of the former inspector, identified in a Surrey police report as “Inspector 5”.

The IPCC said it hoped to announce decisions shortly in relation to a further referral from West Yorkshire police arising from its Operation Newgreen report, and in relation to information supplied by a number of other forces.

Normally you can brush them away like midges and it’s not much of a price to pay for the lifestyle – Jimmy Savile

The 2009 transcript reveals Jimmy Savile in his own words. He is dismissive of all the allegations, saying he had to fight off women “like midges” and claiming the allegations were motivated by money.

Savile, who died aged 84, told officers he was “assaulted” by women when he worked for BBC Radio 1 and Top of the Pops, and insisted that he did not abuse the youngsters at Duncroft children’s home in Staines in Berkshire in the 1970s.

He told police: “My business there’s women looking for a few quid, we always get something like this coming up for Christmas, because we want a few quid for Christmas right.

“And normally you can brush them away like midges and it’s not much of a price to pay for the lifestyle.”

Savile claimed his notoriety meant he had no need to “do anybody any harm”.

“When you’re doing Top of the Pops and Radio 1, what you don’t do, is assault women, they assault you, that’s for sure,” he said. “And you don’t have to, because you’ve got plenty of girls about, and all that, so dealing with something like this, is out of the question and totally wrong, full stop.”

Victims ‘distressed’

Liz Dux, head of abuse at law firm Slater & Gordon, which is representing 72 alleged victims, said: “The interview shows Savile to be a man with complete disdain and contempt for those that he was purporting to help.

“He boasts about his fundraising for the hospitals, his wealth and his powerful friends, demonstrating how his actions went unquestioned for so many years. His victims will be distressed to read that those that protected him put monetary gain and his celebrity above looking after their welfare.”

The investigation follows the announcement by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, that the investigation into abuse at Broadmoor, Stoke Mandeville and Leeds General hospital, along with 10 trust, will be expanded to include more hospitals.