26 Oct 2011

Sandstorm wedding video goes viral

A couple from Arizona have become internet sensations after their outdoor wedding was engulfed by a massive sandstorm.

As Gus and Jennifer Luna were exchanging vows a massive sandstorm was rushing towards them – it was one of many to affect Arizona over the summer.

The pair were getting married in a Florence winery when the drama unfolded.

A sandstorm engulfs Gus and Jennifer Luna's wedding in Arizona.

The officiator actually started the special sand ceremony just as the dust and sand made it almost impossible to see anything.

“There wasn’t enough time to get anyone inside, to even change it so we have to just keep it movin’, speed it up a little but skip a few parts,” said Jennifer.

They forged ahead to the final pronouncement with their friends and loved ones braving the elements along with the happy new couple.

Their wedding video has now been watched by millions of people across the world.