24 Feb 2022

Russia Ukraine conflict: Putin launches full-scale invasion

Europe Editor and Presenter

It was as sudden as it was brutal and relentless. Ukrainians woke up to find themselves plunged into the midst of war. Explosions and air raid sirens rang out here in Kyiv and cities across the country as Russia launched a full scale invasion on multiple fronts in the early hours of the morning, firing missiles at key military infrastructure sites.

Its troops are reported to be advancing from the north on Kyiv.

Other cities that have been targeted include Odessa, the major port on the Black Sea, and there are reports of hundreds of explosions in Mariupol, which is located close to Russian-occupied territory.

But also in towns like Lutsk in Ukraine’s west. It shows the breadth of the assault from the Russian military.

Ukraine has declared martial law, urging citizens to take up arms to defend their country. There are reports of heavy casualties already on both sides. And as the West threatened to cripple Moscow’s economy with devastating sanctions, an ominous warning from Vladimir Putin to any country trying to interfere – you will face “consequences you have never seen”, he declared.