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26 Feb 2022

Russia Ukraine conflict: President Zelenskiy vows to withstand attack

Chief Correspondent

Russian troops are just a few miles from the centre of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, as a defiant President Zelenskiy vowed that his country would stand its ground.

Despite Moscow’s claim to be striking at military targets, residential areas of many cities have come under sustained attack, while key infrastructure including power plants, bridges and a dam supplying fresh water to Crimea have been hit.

Ukraine said at least 198 people have so far been killed, including three children.

There’s now a round-the-clock curfew in place in Kyiv, its capture is Russia’s primary military objective.

In the capital and in cities across the country like Kharkiv, the Ukrainian military seems to be holding out against Russian advances.

But many sources are saying that the southern city of Melitopol has fallen.

Tens of thousands of civilians have fled, heading for neighbouring countries in the west.

Our chief correspondent Alex Thomson reports.