Contains distressing content.
14 Mar 2022

Russia Ukraine conflict: New life and more death in embattled Mariupol

After a week of heavy shelling from Russian forces, an attempt to deliver aid to the besieged city of Mariupol has failed.

But hundreds of residents in Mariupol packed whatever possessions they could fit into their cars and drove away, heading north.

Today details of exactly what happened during the attack on the maternity unit have emerged, elsewhere the brutal war has continued.

Cities across Ukraine are under heavy bombardment, with the country’s second biggest city Kharkiv receiving particularly intense shelling overnight.

Russia claims a Ukrainian missile killed 20 people in Donetsk, though the Ukrainian army blamed Russia.

Mariupol is completely surrounded, causing hellish conditions for the civilians still trapped.

Charities say many people have been left without food, water or medication.

Warning: This report contains distressing images.