12 Nov 2014

Rosetta and Philae: the most high profile break-up this year

Having been together for ten years a couple are tragically forced to separate because of work. See the very public break-up of the Rosetta spacecraft and its lander Philae, via Twitter.


The @ESA_Rosetta and @Philae2014 Twitter accounts are being operated by the European Space Agency (in charge of Rosetta) and the German space agency (in charge of the lander).

More on the #CometLanding: interactive control room guide, and livestream

The Twitter accounts have existed for years, but on the crucial day – when it is hoped that Philae will land on Comet 67P, the banter between the discussion of this “conscious uncoupling” has increased.

Here’s how the day has been going from their off-world point of view:







However, if they are struggling with the emotional split, Rosetta and Philae can rely on the support of a celebrity friend…