12 Jun 2014

Repent or die’: Isis extremists lay down the law in Mosul

Residents in the areas of Iraq conquered by the extremist Isis militant group are issued a set of repressive rules about how they must behave.

Isis rules for citizens of Nineveh

A document issued by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (Isis), sets out their hardline rules for the residents of Nineveh – the ancient name for the province around the city of Mosul, which the group seized earlier this week.

Former members of the security services and Iraqi army are assured that if they repent, they will be accepted and says special places for repentance have already been established. However, it warns that those who do not repent will die.

Promising Muslims they will be treated well unless they are spies for the enemy or criminals, the document requires citizens to pray five times a day. It also outlaws drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, and warns that gatherings, flags and bearing arms is now forbidden.

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Women are told they must dress in an Islamic way: modestly and fully covered. They must also remain at home except in emergencies.

The extremists justify their acquisition of money previously belonging to the government, saying their leaders will spend it as they see fit.

The document also celebrates the release of “our” prisoners from government prisons in the region.

In video uploaded to the internet, apparently by Isis (see below), several hundred young men are seen walking with their hands on their heads through the streets of Tikrit – which was captured by extremists on Wednesday. The commentary says they are captured conscripts, who will presumably now have to “repent”.