Contains distressing content.
24 Aug 2020

Rape survivor tired of explaining why wearing mask triggers flashbacks of her attack


Warning: some viewers may find this report distressing.

On public transport, in shops – wearing face masks is already compulsory in much of the UK. And in Scotland – secondary school staff and pupils might have to start wearing them too.

Yet anti-maskers have staged protests around the world – most recently in Dublin this weekend – accusing the state of infringing their personal liberties.

That’s enraged people who are fearful the virus will spread.

But what of those caught in the crossfire – who don’t object in principle to wearing a mask but who say doing so compromises their physical or mental health.

Georgina Fallows is a rape survivor who says she can not cover her face because it triggers post-traumatic stress disorder – debilitating flashbacks of her attack.

She’s now campaigning for greater public understanding and for official badges to make clear she and others like her are exempt from the rules.

I sat down with Georgina and started by asking her what happened the night of her rape, and a warning some viewers may find this interview distressing.

If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in that interview go to