24 Dec 2012

3D Queen hails ‘splendid summer of sport’

The Queen poses for the cameras in a pair of special glasses ahead of the first ever Christmas day message broadcast in 3D.

The Queen in 3D glasses ahead of her Christmas message. (Reuters)

The Queen will pay tribute in her Christmas broadcast to the nation’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes for inspiring all those who watched their achievements, hailing the “excitement and drama” of Britain’s “splendid summer of sport”. And for the first time the national address will be broadcast in 3D.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman outlined the themes of the message: “The Queen’s broadcast this year focuses on service, achievement and the spirit of togetherness.”

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The Queen will say: “As London hosted a splendid summer of sport, all those who saw the achievement and courage at the Olympic and Paralympic Games were further inspired by the skill, dedication, training and teamwork of our athletes.

“In pursuing their own sporting goals, they gave the rest of us the opportunity to share something of the excitement and drama.”

Behind-the-scenes footage of the broadcast, made on 7 December, has also been released. The Queen is shown meeting senior staff from Sky News which produced this year’s Christmas message.

‘Absolutely lovely’

The Queen’s 3D glasses are decorated on each side with the letter Q made from Swarovski crystals. The message was recorded in Buckingham Palace’s white drawing room and the Queen is dressed in a fine silk gown – an outfit she first wore during the summer thanksgiving service that marked the diamond jubilee.

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said Her Majesty thought the broadcast was “absolutely lovely”.

“The Queen absolutely agreed straight away there was no need for convincing at all, she was absolutely ready to embrace something new in this year.”

The message will be transmitted on both television and radio at 3pm on Christmas day.