23 Feb 2021

Proud Boys leader: more violence possible if members remain alienated

“These criminals came prepared for war” – the words of the former chief of the US Capitol Police today, as he appeared at the first US Senate hearing into the attack on the Capitol building in Washington DC last month.

As law enforcement and senators investigate the causes of the riot, questions are being raised over what role militias and other right-wing groups may have had in planning and coordinating the assault.

One such group is the so-called Proud Boys.

Several leading members have been arrested and charged.

We were given rare access to the leader of the group, who insists his men are mere scapegoats.

(Film by Goldcrest Films. Washington D.C. Producer: Nick Quested; Field Producer: Alex Spiess; Field Producer: Nicolas Lupo Sonnabend; Miami Producer: Amy Harris.)