Contains distressing content and flashing images.
6 Feb 2020

Pregnant women and newborn babies saved from Syrian maternity hospital

Warning: Distressing images and flashing images

After nearly a decade of conflict, all that now remains out of President Assad’s control is one small corner in North West Syria.

What many believe is the final phase is now unfolding in the province, with at least 300 civilians killed in the last two months alone.

As thousands flee to the border, we have a series of special reports from inside Syria.

Nowhere appears to be safe; in the past two weeks, two hospitals have been repeatedly hit by airstrikes and one of the only functioning hospitals has had to close for fear of attack.

Last August, Al-Iman maternity hospital just inside rebel held territory on the Idlib/Aleppo border, was hit by several airstrikes in the middle of the night.

In the first of our reports from the last battleground, we show the chaotic and emotional scenes as rescuers evacuate heavily pregnant women and newborn babies.

Nidal Abdulmonem
Andy Lee

Agnieszka Liggett