• Published on 14 Nov 2017 Sections UK

    There’s been an unexpected pause in inflation. Instead of going up again, it has remained steady at 3%. Although food prices have risen, that’s been offset by a fall in the cost of fuel. But prices are still outstripping wages and the economic squeeze here is in sharp contrast with continental Europe, which reported strong…

  • Published on 14 Nov 2017 Sections

    The Conservative MP Nicky Morgan, a former cabinet minister, discusses the government’s EU withdrawal bill.

  • Published on 14 Nov 2017 Sections

    The votes are happening as we speak. As MPs hold their first in-depth debate on the EU withdrawal bill, several Tory rebels are already signalling they’ll join Labour, who are demanding that Theresa May drop an amendment which enshrines the departure date in law. Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer branded it a “desperate gimmick” which…

  • Published on 13 Nov 2017 Sections

    In a major concession by the government, MPs and peers will get to debate and vote on a special bill setting out all the terms of Brexit including the transition period and key issues like citizens’ rights when they are finally agreed. Labour’s Keir Starmer called it a “significant climbdown from a weak government on…

  • Published on 13 Nov 2017 Sections Culture

    It was Trump that brought them together, They are angry, loud and call themselves an elite taskforce of revolutionary musicians. Their political message is so furious and laden with expletives that much of it can’t be broadcast on TV at this time. But the supergroup Prophets of Rage have an extraordinary pedigree, coming from some…

  • Published on 13 Nov 2017 Sections

    A host of writers, musicians and artists have contributed their own farewells to the EU in a new book, Goodbye Europe. Two of them are the American novelist Lionel Shriver and the author Cathy Rentzenbrink.

  • Published on 13 Nov 2017 Sections Middle East

    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and her Richard are constituents of the Labour MP Tulip Siddiq.

  • Published on 13 Nov 2017 Sections Middle East

    The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has apologised over remarks he made about the British-Iranian woman who’s been jailed in Iran. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has insisted she was on holiday there when she was arrested in 2016, a claim which Mr Johnson had appeared to contradict. Pressed by Labour in the Commons today,he apologised for the “distress and anguish”…

  • Published on 12 Nov 2017 Sections Iran, UK, World

    Earlier this week the regime in Tehran seized on comments by the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, to justify the imprisonment of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. Now, Mr Gove may have made matters worse by saying he “didn’t know” why British mother had visited the country.

  • Published on 12 Nov 2017 Sections North Korea, Philippines, United States, World

    Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un have been trading insults again, as the president arrives on the last leg of his Asia tour.

  • Published on 11 Nov 2017 Sections Iran

    Channel 4 News has learnt that the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will meet with the family of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the British woman imprisoned in Iran.

  • Published on 11 Nov 2017 Sections World

    Earlier this week President Trump and XiJin Ping of China engaged in mutual admiration. Today it was Vladimir Putin’s turn in the margins of the APEC summit in Vietnam. Firstly they decided to work together to defeat ISIS. Secondly President Trump told reporters that Mr. Putin wasn’t just hurt by suggestions that he had medelled…

  • Published on 10 Nov 2017 Sections UK

    Its aim from the start was to ‘make work pay’. But the roll-out of universal credit quickly hit the buffers for many unemployed people, with delays in payments a particular problem. For the self-employed, the new benefits system is not getting universal approval either. Critics say its use of a ‘minimum income floor’, a financial calculation which assumes a stable level of earnings, is inflexible and is…

  • Published on 10 Nov 2017 Sections United States

    Roy Moore, the controversial Republican candidate for a vacant Alabama Senate seat, has been accused of  historical sexual abuse of a teenage girl. The allegation comes just four weeks before the vote. Mr Moore, who was backed by President Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon for he candidacy, has denied the allegation. His campaign has gone into full attack…

  • Published on 10 Nov 2017 Sections Middle East

    The UN Secretary General António Guterres has said he has “great concern” about the escalating tensions between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon and that any conflict would have “devastating consequences” in the region. The tensions follow the sudden resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Hezbollah’s leader in Lebanon today said Saudi Arabia had forced Hariri…