• Published on 21 Nov 2017 Sections UK

    New MPs Anna McMorrin and Bim Afolami discuss the forthcoming budget, Brexit and how they see politics.

  • Published on 21 Nov 2017 Sections Business, UK

    The Irish Government  said today that Britain will not break the deadlock in the Brexit negotiations simply by offering to pay more money to the EU.

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections World

    Refusing all demands to step down, Zimbabwe’s embattled President Robert Mugabe has summoned his cabinet to meet first thing tomorrow, even as the country’s ruling party begins moves to impeach him, and the army has been on television talking of a roadmap to get rid of him. Mugabe, who’s accused of “allowing his wife to usurp government powers”, is still under…

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections Business, UK

    An American television presenter has claimed that African-American staff at Fox News are consistently marginalised – as he gave evidence to the competition watchdog investigating the proposed Fox takeover of Sky. Kelly Wright said there was a culture of systemic and institutional bias in America – declaring “it’s wrong and we are better than this”.…

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections UK

    The elections watchdog has opened an investigation into the Vote Leave campaign’s spending during the Brexit referendum, and into substantial donations which Vote Leave made to two other pro-Brexit campaign groups. The Electoral Commission said new information had come to light since it last reviewed spending limits earlier this year.  

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections Business, UK

    Britain’s Brexit bill could be double the amount that Theresa May offered the EU in September. The critical cabinet committee in charge of making the decision has just finished meeting in Downing Street. The EU says without that promise of extra money, the talks won’t move on to the future trading relationship, and the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has also warned Britain…

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections World

    Otto Fricke, an MP from Germany’s Free Democrats, the party which pulled out of the coalition talks, discusses what happened.

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections World

    There’s more political upheaval in Germany, where talks on forming a coalition government have collapsed. Germany’s president has appealed to party leaders to reconsider after the Free Democrats walked out late last night, saying there was “no basis of trust”. Chancellor Angela Merkel said tonight that fresh elections would be the best option if the talks can’t be rescued.

  • Published on 20 Nov 2017 Sections Germany, UK, Uncategorised

    What does Merkel’s coalition crisis mean for Brexit?

    UK diplomats worry that prolonged uncertainty in Germany over the formation of a new government means that officials may take control of events and that hardens the German position. Some claim that it was German officials who shaped the setback at the European Council in October when the UK was deemed to have made insufficient…

  • Published on 19 Nov 2017 Sections UK

    In recent years the Sunday before a Budget has given the chancellor a day to visit TV studios giving gentle hints about who is about to benefit from his generosity with our money. Instead, Philip Hammond found himself today accused of denying that there are any unemployed people. To be fair to him, he didn’t…

  • Published on 15 Nov 2017 Sections Iran

    Nineteen months after the British-Iranian woman Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was arrested in Tehran, her husband has managed to meet the Foreign Secretary for the first time. Richard Ratcliffe said his talks with Boris Johnson had been “positive and constructive”, but revealed that his wife’s mental state had suffered since Mr Johnson wrongly suggested that she had…

  • Published on 15 Nov 2017 Sections Yemen

    Journalist Iona Craig is just back from five weeks in Yemen.

  • Published on 15 Nov 2017 Sections Italy, UK

    Italy’s Finance Minister, Pier Carlo Padoan, is asked what he makes of one of today’s front pages, parading what it called the UK’s “Brexit mutineers”.

  • Published on 15 Nov 2017 Sections

    Scotland will become the first country in the world to charge a minimum price for alcohol. Ministers said the 50p-per-unit minimum would help tackle Scotland’s “unhealthy relationship with drink”. The Scottish government can now introduce the measure after the Supreme Court ruled that the legislation did not breach European Union law, five years after it…

  • Published on 15 Nov 2017 Sections Zimbabwe

    Africa Minister Rory Stewart discusses Zimbabwe without Mugabe.