8 Apr 2015

Police launch child abuse investigation in Nottinghamshire

As police launch an investigation into allegations of abuse at care homes and secure units in Nottinghamshire, Jane Dodge talks to an alleged victim.

Operation Xeres is looking at alleged abuse at 10 centres in the county dating back 70 years. All of them have since closed or changed their use.

Mickey Summers is one of 150 people who have told the police they were abused while in care in Nottinghamshire. While Mr Summers welcomes the new investigation, he believes there needs to be a public inquiry.

It is the second investigation by Nottinghamshire police into historic abuse at children’s homes. The first – which centred around Beechwood care home – started in 2010. So far only two men have been charged.

Paddy Tipping was a social worker in the 1970s and is now police and crime commissioner for Nottinghamshire. He accepts the authorities failed in the past to listen to victims.