30 Aug 2009

Picture exclusive: Megrahi in sick bed

Channel 4 News has spoken to the Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahi in his Libyan hospital room and has these exclusive images.

Megrahi is now ‘too sick’ to answer questions according to his son and the medics at the hospital.

We are unable to independently verify his true state of health.

Earlier this afternoon Channel 4 News’s team in Libya, Foreign Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Miller, Camerawoman Philippa Collins and Producer Nevine Mabro were invited to visit Megrahi in hospital by his family.

His family told our team they wanted us to see how sick Megrahi now actually was.

In hospital he was attached to a drip and was wearing an oxygen mask.

Jonathan Miller asked him directly if his release was related to the lucrative oil deal that was signed two years ago, al-Megrahi croaked a refusal to answer.

Channel 4 News were the only journalists to get these hospital pictures and this exchange with al-Megrahi.

Jonathan Miller spoke to Alex Thomson about what he saw when he visited Megrahi and whether or not the image of him propped up with pillow and wearing an oxygen mask is just a charade.

“He did look very sick. But aside of all this, a few minutes after I left the room, I was hanging around outside, hoping for a second pop at some of the questions I wasn’t able to ask him.

“A hospital staff member then passed me with a tray of food. I saw a big plate of couscous, a tomato salad and a plate of olives.

“Was it destined for Megrahi? We don’t know.”