6 Feb 2014

Could your phone come back to haunt you?

Channel 4 News has revealed how all the photos, contacts and info on many old phones can be accessed, even after the devices has been reset. Take our quiz to find out if your phone’s at risk.


Our mobile phones have come a long way from the classic old Nokia 3310s. And with the average phone user upgrading their phone every 12, 18 or 24 months, there are now nearly 80m devices in the UK.

But those old phones that have been sold on, or that are gathering dust in your drawer, can still hold a huge amount of data. Even if you restore to factory settings, a Channel 4 News investigation found that your private data can still be accessed on Android phones.

From text messages to your partner, to accessing your bank account: your phone could hold the key to some of your most personal secrets. Take our quiz to find out whether the way you use your phone is putting your data at risk.

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