20 Jul 2011

Phone-hacking Snowcloud: Murdochs at the committee

Read their lips. We took the text of Rupert and James Murdoch’s answers to MPs to read between the lines in a word cloud. Run your cursor over a word and click to see how often, and where it occurs.

We took the full transcript of what Rupert and James Murdoch said to MPs at the Commons culture committee amid the phone-hacking fallout and pushed it through our Snowcloud-erator.

The larger the word, the more frequently it occurred. Run your cursor over a word to discover how many times it was used, and click on it for where it appeared.

For a full transcript of the hearing click on the words below. Questions and comments from MPs have been omitted from the Snowcloud.

Let us not forget that Rebekah Brooks also appeared before MPs yesterday. See a Snowcloud of her evidence here.

This wordcloud works with Adobe Flash so unfortunately cannot be seen on iPad/iPhone. However users can click here to see an image of the Snowcloud.