4 Nov 2020

Path to the White House: Trump and Biden seek magic 270 electoral college votes

Europe Editor and Presenter

It’s been a rollercoaster of a day as far as the US presidential election is concerned. As states began to count the votes cast on election day, it seemed President Trump was doing unexpectedly well.

In the early hours he won Florida, dashing Democrat hopes of snatching the state. But as the day has gone on and more of the postal ballots have been tallied, Joe Biden’s share of the vote has grown.

To win the White House either man must get 270 votes in the electoral college. Within the last hour, several US media outlets have projected a win in Wisconsin for Joe Biden, meaning he now has 237 votes and Donald Trump has 213 votes.

Attention is now focused on Nevada, Arizona, and Michigan, where Joe Biden is hoping to confirm his slight leads – and secure the path to victory.