25 Jan 2022

Partygate: Met Police investigating Downing Street ‘events’ in lockdown

Political Editor

For weeks, the mantra has been: wait for Sue Gray. Just as Ms Gray’s report was due to arrive, suddenly it was upgraded to a police matter.

Boris Johnson said he welcomed the Met investigation into a number of potential breaches of the Covid regulations in Downing Street and Whitehall.

But some believe it has put him in greater peril as the commissioner’s decision to send her officers into the heart of government indicates that the civil service inquiry led by Sue Gray has uncovered hard evidence that the law may have been broken.

It is believed as many as eight gatherings are being investigated, as rumours swirl of anger in the police from those forced to effectively witness and secure late night parties, with allegations of drunken staff sleeping under desks. All whilst the country was in lockdown.

It’s still not clear when her report will be published, but Downing Street said the prime minister did not believe he had broken the law.