30 Oct 2018

On the road with the Mexico migrant caravan

Washington Correspondent

People are just drifting into this town after walking through the early hours of the morning, busy with finding somewhere to sleep, finding food, somewhere to repair their feet, and maybe have a shower.

They are most of them blissfully unaware of what President Trump has been threatening. But with an eye on the mid-terms and shoring up his core support, President Trump has said another 5,000 troops will be sent to the border with Mexico to deal with the arrival of the so-called migrant caravan.

But with that crossing still 900 miles away for these families on the move, getting there, let alone starting a new life in America, remains a distant dream.¬†We’ve spent the last few days with the caravan on the road from Chiapas to Oaxaca – and this is what we saw.