14 Jun 2024

‘Nobody knows how to deal with Nigel Farage,’ says former Labour strategist

One opinion poll shows the Reform party overtaking the Conservatives, leading Nigel Farage to claim today he is the real leader of the opposition.

The YouGov poll for The Times puts Labour way out in front with 37 percent of the vote.

But it also shows support for Reform rising two points to 19 percent – while the Conservatives remain unchanged on 18. Numbers it says are within the margin of error. And the Lib Dems aren’t far behind on 14.

But other polls show the Tories still ahead of Reform.

We spoke to Former Government Directors of Communication Alistair Campbell and Craig Oliver – for Labour and the Conservatives respectively, as well as Professor Rosie Campbell of King’s College London.

We started by asking Craig Oliver what he thought of the Conservative campaign so far.