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New Year’s Eve? I’d rather go to bed

As millions prepare for fireworks, parties and bells ringing in 2013, others say they want an early night. But is it the age of austerity dampening spirits, or has the January detox started early?

Tonight, the average bedtime will be…10.38pm, according to a new poll.

Despite the reputation of New Year’s Eve as the biggest party night of the year, fewer than one in five Brits will take part in public New Year’s Eve parties because they are tired and feeling the pinch after Christmas.

The poll of 2,000 people by Travelodge hotels found that about 40 per cent of the population don’t even plan to stay up until midnight to welcome in the new year – with 10 per cent more opting to turn in early than last year.

Large crowds are still expected for London’s riverside firework display, and for the Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh, but overall it seems the nation is just not feeling in the party mood. But is it the age of austerity, the excesses of Christmas, or disillusionment with crowds and high ticket prices? The weather is not helping either, with 1.3 inches of rain predicted in some areas today. Here’s what you think.

Not everyone is as keen on New Year's Eve as this chap (Getty)

On Facebook, Geri Cunningham-Templeton wrote: “I think it’s just not as safe as when I was younger. I am only 48 – but I remember everyone went from house to house and spent all night drinking, socialising – not any more.”

Fiona McCormick wrote: “I am just getting over norovirus, I won’t be dancing on any tables tonight, which is a shame.”

I am getting over norovirus, I won’t be dancing on any tables. Fiona McCormick, via Facebook

And Jamie McAllister summed up a lot of responses with his comment: “Expensive, impossible to get a taxi home, and the forced jollity leaves a pretty miserable feeling. Happy to appreciate my time on earth any day of the year.”

However, there were still some die-hard partygoers.

Geoffrey David Woodward wrote: “I’ve been practising staying awake beyond 10pm! I’ve got my whisky and my green ginger wine, so I’m ready for 2013!”