27 Jul 2021

New survey finds increase in number of BAME people in positions of power


It’s been four years since the campaigning organisation Operation Black Vote published “The Colour of Power”, a survey of who held the top jobs in significant public and private institutions.

It painted a stark picture of inequality, on race and gender lines. But since then, the Black Lives Matter protests have turbo-charged the conversation about race and power.

Their new survey, “The Colour of Power 2021”, shows that the number of British Black, Asian, and minority ethnic people in positions of power has more than doubled from 36 in 2017 to 73 now.

The greatest shift has been in politics: there are now six BAME cabinet ministers and seven ministers. While Labour has four Black, Asian or minority ethnic mayors and 11 BAME council leaders.

So is this evidence of meaningful and lasting change? We talk to

Joanne Anderson, who became the first black woman to be directly elected as a mayor when she was voted in as the mayor of Liverpool in May.