28 Jun 2023

Mutiny in Moscow: why it’s not all over for Vladimir Putin

This hasn’t been the greatest week for Russia President, Vladimir Putin in two decades of power in the Kremlin.

A mutinous band of mercenaries that he himself created, charged up towards Moscow, denouncing his war in Ukraine and seemingly meeting little resistance on the way.

While he faced down Evgeny Prigozhin and the Wagner group, appearing to banish them to Belarus, it’s not all over for Putin.

In this episode, Hubertus Jahn, professor of the history of Russia and the Caucasus at Cambridge University, explains how the “mafia boss” in the Kremlin has seen cracks forming in his enterprise – and explores what might be next for Russia and its leader.

Producer: Alice Wagstaffe and Annie La Vespa.

Sources: AP


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