12 Oct 2011

Murder trial jurors visit Joanna Yeates flat

Jurors visit a flat frozen in time, untouched since Joanna Yeates was murdered last Christmas. The address in Bristol still contains her personal belongings and even Christmas decorations.

Guarded by police, the jury in the trial of Vincent Tabak have retraced the final steps taken by Joanna Yeates through Bristol’s Clifton district.

The group briefly saw the garden flat where Mr Tabak lived, before spending 22 minutes next door at Miss Yeates’s home.

Inside, Joanna’s belongings remain unmoved since her death. The 25-year-old’s boyfriend Greg Reardon had returned to collect his possessions but Miss Yeates’s clothes, possessions and furniture have been left as they were 10 months ago.

Joanna Yeates who was murder in December 2010. (Getty)

Jurors saw Miss Yeates’s size-five Asics trainers are stacked in the yellow-painted entrance hall alongside her snow boots. There were also two cat litter trays for the couple’s pet.

The group saw the living room and the scene of a couple preparing for Christmas. There was a roll of unused wrapping paper under a table, an unopened box of Christmas crackers and shelves decorated with tinsel.

Miss Yeates’s body was discovered at the side of a snow-covered road on Christmas day 2010 by a couple walking their dog.

Vincent Tabak denies murdering the Bristol landscape architect. The trial continues.

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Murder trial jurors visit Joanna Yeates flat. (Getty)