10 Aug 2015

Migrants: why Britain couldn’t survive without us


Migrants are being demonised by some politicians and many people believe they are a burden on the state. This is why they are wrong.

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said “migrants marauding around” threaten Europe’s “standard of living and social infrastructure.” This followed David Cameron’s recent description of migrants as a “swarm”.

It is unfortunate that some British politicians talk negatively about migrants. I am a migrant and I see much of our positive contribution to British life. Many of us are fleeing wars. Others are economic migrants. I know that some don’t care why people want to come here and have no sympathy for us.

But I would like to remind people, especially those who are misinformed, that we the migrants, and you the British public, need each other. Of course, we do benefit from this country – but you also benefit from our presence.

Look around you, ask yourself who’s picked the fruit and vegetables you eat, who’s driving you to work, nurses and doctors treating the ill at hospitals, who’s serving you at your local shops, maybe the company you work for is owned by migrants.

We appreciate what this country has to offer, but many of you don’t appreciate what we have to offer this country. It’s not a one way street as both parties benefit from one another. Our contribution to Britain is indispensable.

Let’s be realistic: from the city traders to cleaners, Britain would not survive a day without us migrants.

Imagine if we set up a union, a migrants’ union, and we go on strike for 48 hours. You wouldn’t be able to leave your front door. The train, bus or taxi driver that takes you to work is more likely to be a migrant. The worker at your local shop or supermarket is likely to be a migrant. Those who keep your streets clean are mostly migrants.

Migration panic damages UK image

Maybe you enjoy eating Chinese noodles, chicken curry or the likes? If migrants close their restaurants, what’s there for you to eat? Perhaps a Yorkshire pudding. The whole British economy will collapse.

You don’t also realise the damage this migration panic is causing to your image. Your behaviour contradicts the idea that British people are tolerant, open and respect human rights.

British politicians will no longer be able to go around the world lecturing others on respect for human rights. People will question your integrity, saying: “What? You abuse poor migrants who are fleeing war and poverty and come here telling us to respect human rights.” Hypocrites.

I understand your concerns and fears that we are taking over your country. That’s a myth. Our positive contribution outweighs our negatives. If we change your standard of living and your way of life it’s often for the better.