4 Jun 2015

Kurdish fighters ask US to extract Hollywood actor in Syria

A senior Kurdish fighter has asked the US to come and collect a minor Hollywood actor who went to Syria to fight Isis – warning that if they don’t he is danger.

Jordan Matson (pictured below), a US veteran who joined the “Lions of Rojava” – a battalion of foreign fighters in the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or YPG – issued a plea to the US State Department for them to come and collect Michael Enright.

On Tuesday it was reported that Mr Enright, a Briton who acted in a Pirates of the Caribbean film as a deckhand, had travelled to Syria after he appeared in a video released by the YPG (above).

The YPG are fighting the Islamic State group in northern Syria – where both groups control large parts of the country.

Mr Enright, who moved to Syria from Hollywood, told a Dubai-based television network that he was willing to die in order to fight for the Islamic State group “to be wiped off completely the face of this earth”.

But it appears that tensions have developed between Mr Enright and his fellow fighters.

Addressing his comments to “whomever is in charge of monitoring my account for then state department”, Mr Matson claimed Mr Enright has been “kicked out of four different fighting units and asked to leave twice by the YPG”.

“The generals have even told us they try keeping him away from everyone for fear that their own men will kill him”, Mr Matson wrote.

He added that fighters had taken the bolt out of Mr Enright’s AK, “quite some time ago”.

Mr Matson finishes his Facebook post by saying: “The State department needs to send someone to receive him before you have the first US death in Syria.”

Other Lions of Rojava fighters confirmed Mr Matson’s version of events. Mr Enright has been contacted for comment.