Contains distressing content.
6 Apr 2022

Mass graves discovered amid new claims of war crimes on eastern border

Chief Correspondent

Mass graves, civilians tortured and shot, an entire town virtually obliterated as residents took whatever shelter they could.

This happened to Bucha, on the outskirts of Kyiv, but it also happened to Trostyanets, a pleasant spa town which was home to 20,000 people until the Russians came.

Entirely bordered by Russia on the east, the Sumy region in north-east Ukraine quickly became a thoroughfare for Putin’s tanks when he ordered his troops to invade.

About 20 miles from the border, the town of Trostyanets was occupied by the Russians on the very first day of the war as they made their move West.

An orchestrated Ukrainian assault successfully drove the Russians out,  but not before they had turned the town to rubble and left many dozens of people dead.

Now claims of war crimes against the people of Trostyanets are coming to light.

Warning: This report contains distressing images.

Producer: Simon Stanleigh
Camera: Alastair Thomson