14 Mar 2023

Mariupol: Trapped in Ukraine’s lost city

International Editor

In Ukraine, the country’s future is being decided on the battlefield of Bakhmut, President Zelenskyy has declared.

The besieged town has become the symbol of Ukrainian resistance. And an overwhelming desire to avoid the fate of another city reduced to ruins after months of siege – Mariupol. Now occupied by the Russians, hundreds of thousands of residents have fled – while many of the soldiers who tried to defend it until the end are still in captivity.

Our international editor Lindsey Hilsum has been speaking to one mother and daughter who managed to escape Mariupol to nearby Zaporizhzhia – while their grandmother got left behind.

And a Ukrainian army medic who spent months in Russian detention before she was released.

Produced by Rob Hodge and Maksym Drabok – and filmed by Soren Munk.