Contains distressing content and sexual content.
26 Jul 2023

Manipur: The ethnic tensions behind the rapes and violence

Foreign Affairs Correspondent

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing a no confidence motion, in the wake of a video showing shocking violence which went viral round the world.

Just 26 seconds long – it was filmed in Manipur, a state in the remote north east of India.

The images showed two naked women being humiliated and abused by an angry mob, shining a light on ethnic and religious tensions in the state, between the Meiteis, Hindus who live in the valley, and their neighbours, the Christian Kuki hilltribes.

We have been investigating what lies behind it.

WARNING – There are distressing images and testimony in his report.

Produced and directed by Noman Siddiqui and Girish Juneja.