4 Sep 2012

Man swept away as storms and flooding hit Malta

Weather Presenter

Severe thunderstorms hit Malta on Monday leaving one man dead and dropping a month’s worth of rain on the Mediterranean island in two hours.

Crushed car in Malta

The storms hit during the afternoon, triggering flash floods that swept away a man who was forced to abandon his car. Police said that the man managed to make it to high ground.

Another man was killed when he was struck by lightning whilst working in a field as the fierce storms raged overhead.

Substantial damage was caused across the island, with cars overturned, trees uprooted and homes flooded.

Malta’s meteorological service said that 42.4mm of rain fell in just two hours, which is more than the 40mm that would be expected for the whole of September.

Further showers and thunderstorms are possible in the next few days but they aren’t expected to be as severe.

Man jumping from car in Malta