5 Dec 2011

LIVE BLOG: Turner Prize 2011 live on Channel 4

Turner Prize 2011 live on Channel 4 – add your voice

22:00: Scotland on Sunday art critic Moira Jeffrey, a friend of the winner’s, tells Channel 4 News: “It’s a tremendous result. Martin is one of these incredibly careful, steady artists.

“The great story about Martin is the first time he tried to get into art school he failed. He went to night school, he persevered and he’s worked really really solidly to get where he is just now.”

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21.30: The gatecrasher has been named as “professional streaker” Mark Roberts. He said “thank you, thank you”, as he was dragged by his arms by two security guards from the ceremony.

21:00: The consensus is the “streaker” had “study this” written on his belly. A stuckist? Or a student protester?

20:25: Martin Boyce is announced as the winner of Turner Prize 2011. Regarding the “streaker” he says, with Scottish dry wit: “Well, I didn’t expect that….” He then thanks the Turner Prize judges and everyone at Baltic. He says his dream was always to go to art school (Glasgow School of Art) which began his journey towards this prize.

20:24: Fashion photography legend Mario Testino arrives on stage a little late to announce the winner of the 2011 Turner Prize. As he begins to read out the winner’s name, “Mar…,” he is interrupted by a stage invader – a man dressed in a tutu. Jen Locke, who was on the front row, managed to capture the moment on her iPhone – see video here.

20.00: Despite a freezing night in Newcastle-Gateshead, crowds of art fans have arrived at Baltic to find out who is the winner of Turner Prize 2011. Photographer Mario Testino makes the big announcement. All will be revealed within the next half hour…..

19.00: Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate, tells Channel 4 News: “It’s a hugely important moment for the Turner Prize.

“Of course it was in Liverpool in 2007, but it’s always been a national prize and it will now be outside London in alternate years.

“That reflects two big changes in Britain – one is that there’s now a great appetite for contemporary art across the country.

“And secondly there are now a range of galleries, many of whom have opened in the last 10 years – many of which now have the ability to present the Turner Prize.”

London-based sculptor Annie Attridge tells Channel 4 News: “I’m really glad Karla Black’s been nominated – the physical momentum of her work will drag you along like a river.”

18.30: Spotted! Nicholas Serota in the Turner Prize 2011 media green room (director of the Tate and chairman of the Turner Prize jury).

18.15: We’ve been eavesdropping! See what visitors to the Turner Prize had to say as they wandered around the exhibition at the Baltic in Gateshead, with Channel 4 listening in….. Turner Prize 2011: Eavesdrop videos

George Shaw, The Devil Made Me Do It 2011. Coventry painter Shaw says his work now confronts a “nostalgic reverie” of his childhood.

Sarah Stewart, chief executive of the Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, tells Channel 4 News: “For us, the very fact the Tate were willing to let the Turner Prize be hosted at the Baltic really did confirm the transformation of Newcastle-Gateshead as a cultural capital.
“And with visitors, well in the first week that the Turner Prize was open, around 30,000 went through. We’ve already had 110,000 people come through and we’ve got a month to go.
“There are so many people wanting to have a look.”

Pictured: Hilary Lloyd, Moon 2011. “I’m not a filmmaker, but I do use video and film. I like hardware, particular types of cabling…”

17.30: We’ve launched our (just for fun) poll – tell us which Turner Prize finalist is your favourite by clicking in the window below.

17.00: Excitement is mounting in the media room at Baltic in Gateshead for Turner Prize 2011; amazing views either side of the River Tyne with its stunning architecture now lit up as darkness falls. Tonight’s winner will be the 27th in the award’s history. You can read profiles of the four artists here: Turner Prize

What do you think Baltic/Gateshead will add to the event?
Channel 4 News Culture Editor Matthew Cain: “When it was first announced that the Turner Prize would be traveling to Baltic, there was a lot of discussion about what the Turner Prize could do for Gateshead, possibly because the north east is a region which in recent years has benefitted hugely from economic regeneration brought about through investment in the arts..
“But I think it’s much more interesting to flip the question on its head and ask what Gateshead can do for the Turner Prize. London’s Tate Britain is a brilliantly forward-thinking institution but the building in which it’s housed and the permanent collection it contains are weighed down with tradition and unavoidable associations with the illustrious history of British art – all of which can be quite daunting to artists and sometimes overwhelm our appreciation of their work.
“The Turner Prize on the other hand was set up to celebrate the latest developments in contemporary art. It can do no harm to shake the prize free from this sense of history and tradition for a year. And hopefully in the process reinvigorate it for the future.”
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Turner Prize 2011 installation view by Karla Black.

16.00: Welcome to the Turner Prize 2011 live blog. This year’s winner will be announced live on Channel 4 in a special programme tonight at 8pm. Just four hours to go! Catch up on the artists’ work here – Turner Prize 2011 photo gallery

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