25 May 2011

Live blog: ash cloud spreads across Britain

Flights face cancelations as the latest Icelandic ash cloud threatens to spread across the UK. Follow the live blog for updates, video and comment as the disruption unfolds.

Live blog: ash cloud spreads across Britain

08.45 Officials in Germany say dozens of flights will be grounded in the country today because of ashcloud.

08.30 High-level densities of volcanic ash have now cleared the UK and airspace is expected to remain clear until at least 7pm today, air traffic control company Nats said.

Ash cloud disruption

Disruption at airports caused by the latest Icelandic volcanic ash cloud crisis is expected to spread to some northern England airports later today.

The eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano has already led to airlines cancelling a number of flights to and from Irish and Scottish airports.

Shortly after 9.30am today, air traffic control company Nats said “an area of volcanic ash” was forecast to affect some parts of the UK between 1pm and 7pm today.

Nats said airports remained open but that services from Londonderry, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Prestwick, Newcastle, Carlisle, Durham Tees Valley and Cumbernauld airports may be affected.

Nats said passengers should check with their airline before travelling to these airports.

The airports listed by Nats could all possibly experience high- level densities of ash.

Earlier Nats had said air services at Aberdeen, Inverness, Benbecula, Barra and Tiree airports could be affected until 1pm.

The latest bulletin from the company suggested that these airports might be free of ash later today.

Airlines have already axed many flights to and from Scotland, with British Airways not operating any flights between London and Scotland before 2pm.

Scots regional airline Loganair scrapped 38 flights and Irish carrier Aer Lingus said it had cancelled 12 flights to and from Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

British Airways announced that it would not operate any flights between London and Scotland before 2pm. EasyJet also cancelled its flights from Glasgow until lunchtime.