Published on 29 Nov 2012 Sections

Will you ever trust the media again? Join the debate

Lord Justice Leveson’s given his verdict on the press – but what does it mean? Join Channel 4 News and the LSE in an online debate with the key players, on Google+ on Friday at 12.15pm.

It is more than a year since Britain was shocked by news that journalists had hacked into the voicemail of murder victim Milly Dowler. In the storm that followed, evidence has been heard that phone hacking and other illegal practices were widespread and politicians from all parties admitted that they could have done more to uncover the truth if they were not so worried about the power of the media.

On Thursday, Lord Justice Leveson published his report into the future of the British media, recommending that a legally-backed watchdog be set up to curb the sometimes “reckless” press. But he added: “The ball moves back into the politicians’ court. They must now decide who guards the guardians.”

In response, Prime Minister David Cameron said he backed Lord Justice Leveson‘s proposals in principle and would begin cross-party talks. However, he raised “misgivings” over the role of legislation in setting up any new press watchdog.

But what is actually going to happen? Will it change the way the media works – and will it prevent abuses which shocked the nation, such as what happened to the Dowlers?

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