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What would a tabloid make of the Leveson news? Channel 4 News re-imagines how you might read all about it.

What would real tabloid make of the Leveson story?

Today this imaginary tabloid waves the flag for FREEDOM in YOUR favourite newspaper.

We back the Prime Minister who said NO to new laws helping celebrity whingers hide their dirty laundry.

Lord Justice Leveson, balding, 63, was RIGHT to slam “frankly appalling” abuses which “wreaked havoc” but WENT TOO FAR with plans to shackle the best press in the world.

Press law? Leve it out

At 2,000 pages Lev’s book is three times the size of War And Peace – don’t bother with page three.

WE AGREE that “ordinary lives” suffered at the hands of bad journos but we REJECT laws that would change our industry FOR THE WORSE.

Cam slams Lev

And David Cameron agrees. The PM told MPs changing ancient laws designed to PROTECT YOU from wrongdoing would “infringe free speech”.

We don’t want the nation’s favourite paper shackled by NANNY STATE lawmakers – and neither does Cam.

We have never got INTO BED with the powerful and greedy – and never will. We are YOUR paper.