20 Sep 2020

‘Landlords don’t just wake up and think, “I want to evict my tenants today.”’ – National Residential Landlords Association’s Ben Beadle

The ban on evicting tenants which was put in place because of the pandemic runs out in England and Wales today.

The ban was introduced in March to help people who were struggling financially during the lockdown.

It has been extended twice and there have been calls from housing charities and the Labour Party to extend it further.

The Scottish government has said it intends to keep the ban in place until next March. English and Welsh courts will be able restart eviction hearings from tomorrow.

Nichola McClean has lived in her rented flat for over a decade – but has been asked to leave by mid-October.

We spoke to Ben Beadle from the National Residential Landlords Association, and Dan Wilson Craw from the tenants campaign group Generation Rent.

We began by asking Dan what his concerns were with the eviction ban being lifted.