16 Dec 2019

Labour needs to root out bizarre conspiracy theories, which led to anti-semitism crisis’, says MP Stephen Kinnock


As Labour gears up for a leadership contest, the party’s internal wranglings have already spilled out into the open.

Emily Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, says she’s contacted solicitors – denying claims made by her former Labour colleague, Caroline Flint, who accused her of making insulting comments about Leave voters.

Ms Thornberry is reportedly thinking about running to replace Jeremy Corbyn – who’s stepping down early next year.

Many in the party say they’d like the role to be taken by a woman. And, although the race has not formally begun, some senior figures in the current leadership have already given their backing to Rebecca Long-Bailey, the Shadow Business Secretary.

We asked the Labour Party for a member of the shadow cabinet to come on the programme tonight, but nobody was available. However I am joined by the Labour MPs Stephen Kinnock and Alison McGovern.