7 Aug 2012

We help Aussie sports minister with losing bet

Kate Lundy wagered that Australia would beat Team GB’s medal haul, promising to row Eton Dorney dressed in the British kit if not – Channel 4 News decide to give her a helping hand.

Mrs Lundy made the bet with her British counterpart, MP Hugh Robertson before the Games began. Each politician pledged to row Eton Dorney dressed in the national team colours of their opposite number.

But with Britain now in third place with 47 medals, including 22 gold, compared to Australia‘s 24 overall, the Australian minister for sport had to concede a loss – even five days before the final day.

“Silver is the new gold,” she told Channel 4 News. “I think we’re not getting gold by a really small margin in many occasions. We’ve got to stay strong and recognise that our athletes are doing the very best they can.”

Krishnan Guru-Murthy, keen to help Mrs Lundy honour her part in the bet, took the opportunity to present the Australian sports minister with her very own Team GB kit. Ms Lundy said she was resigned to taking to the water, but added: “Our time will come again I’m sure.”

“Being married to an Australian this may be the most life-threatening situation I have put myself through for the programme,” said Mr Guru-Murthy. “But that’s the kind of fearless journalism we are proud of on Channel 4 News.”