27 Aug 2014

Kate Bush live comeback – the no spoiler Q&A

A peep at the Kate Bush comeback show, with no spoilers, we promise.

Kate Bush live comeback - the no spoiler review. (Photo: Ken McKay/REX)

‘Return of the Sun Goddess’ – Kate Bush at Hammersmith Apollo, 26 August. (Ken McKay/Rex)

If you’re lucky enough to be a ticket holder and wary of finding out too much before you go, this is the only Kate Bush news page you should look at today. This is a set-list free zone!

Newly-married couple Zenobia and Chris Boyd, from Glasgow, were so determined to see Before the Dawn, they returned early from their own honeymoon. Here, Zenobia answers Channel 4 News’s NO SPOILER questions about the most eagerly anticipated concerts of the year, possibly the century.

So after all the hype, was it worth it?

It wasn’t like any other concert I’ve seen. It was pure art – the best combination of music, visuals and special effects you could imagine. It was a huge, ambitious show. I can’t really describe how amazing it was to witness such a comeback – the return of the Sun Goddess! I’m still in shock.

You should multiply your expectations by 100! I was sobbing at some points – and so was the woman next to me!

So it was a theatrical show?

The music and visuals mixed with theatre and dancing, so the colours matched the music. This is the show for you if you likes trees and ice! But never mind that, the great news is her voice is perfect. It’s so strong, but in a slightly lower register. She hit all the notes with such confidence.

‘The colours matched the music’ – the set at Before the Dawn. (Ken McKay/Rex)

The famed 1979 concerts featured magic, mime and readings. Did it match that level of amibition?

It’s even more huge. I had been trying to keep my expectations low… but if you have tickets to the upcoming shows, you should multiply your expectations by 100! She packed so much into every second. All in all, it lasted for three hours. I was sobbing at some points – and so was the woman next to me! It was like a rite of passage. When part one ended and they announced the intermission, I really couldn’t believe it. I had thought, “that’s your lot” and if it had ended there, I’d still be happy for the rest of my life!

Did the set list cover different parts of her career – or did it focus around one album?

There were no missing parts – we got the main hits. Then she focused around the two most powerful albums, in my opinion.

Did she play your favourite song?

Yes, she played two of my favourite songs. In fact she played my favourite song very early on. I was wondering why she was playing it so early – but then I understood why…

We know she loves comedy – any unexpected LOLs?

Yes, she used shock and theatre and really played with the audience. We were close enough to see all her facial expressions.

Did she chat between songs?

She did! It felt very much like she was welcoming us in. She spoke at the start and then quite a bit at the end. She thanked us for being such a warm and positive crowd.

Did she seem at all nervous?

Not at all. She seemed like she’d been doing it every year for 35 years. It was the best show I’ve ever seen.

Did the audience obey the ‘no mobiles’ request?

People were pretty good – no flashes at all. People were just rooted to their seats in disbelief.

Any top tips for the next shows?

You need to be a survivor to get to the bar or the merchandise stall – but once you’re in your seat, it’s all fine. And… beware the whistling wind!

‘The best show I’ve ever seen’ – Kate Bush performing on 26 August. (Ken McKay/Rex)