9 Mar 2015

Meet the Justin Bibis: the Pakistani girls singing Bieber

Two teenage girls from Pakistan, who became internet sensations when their rendition of Justin Bieber’s song Baby was posted online, say they sounded out the lyrics before transcribing them into Urdu.

Sisters Saania, 15 and Muqqadas, 13, who hardly speak any English, shot to fame when their video was watched 1.8 million times on Facebook.

The sisters, now known as Justin Bibis, grew up in a poor neighbourhood in the outskirts of Lahore and say they listened to the song 70 times before transcribing it into Urdu and memorising it off by heart.

Justin Bieber

Muqqadas said: “When I heard the song I forgot to eat or drink. I was just listening. I kept practising and practising until I learned it by heart.”

The girls, who were taken out of school because they were too poor, say they now hope to meet Justine Bieber. They have already appeared on local television to perform live.

“We really didn’t expect all of this to happen to us, to be famous like this. Because of this video we got on a plane for the first time and we’ve been on TV. That’s always been our dream,” the sisters added.